Sports Car Rides

During the Gloucestershire Motor Show Weekend you'll have the chance to experience 'A spin in a Sports car' - for a small donation to the charity we are offering visitors to take a spin in one of our Ferraris or the Nissan GTR.

Nissan GT-R

Wessex are proud to offer the Nissan GT-R, a multi-dimensional performance machine that lives up to the concept of a multi-performance supercar which evokes the passion of driving. Since its introduction in the Japanese market in 2007, the Nissan GT-R has gone through continuous evolution but always remained cutting-edge. Nissan have constantly been progressing the GT-R to the next level at top speed through improved performance and efficiency.

The 2012 model has improved maximum engine output and fuel efficiency and also comes equipped with asymmetric suspension, multi-performance speed, and highly responsive driving performance which provide a stable, high-quality driving experience for passengers.

By improving the GT-R's engine efficiency, its fuel economy has been raised while engine output has been significantly improved. Air flow resistance has been reduced through a compact underfloor catalyser and improved exhaust valve cooling performance has been achieved by a newly-designed metallic sodium-filled valve.

By reinforcing areas mainly around the rear part of the engine compartment and dash panel, together with increased engine output, more responsive handling and a greater sense of the vehicle's grip on the road are transmitted to the driver.

Considering the added weight of the driver in a right-hand drive vehicle the GT-R's suspension has been set asymmetrically for the left and right sides. For the front suspension, a harder spring rate on the left side has been set. For the rear, the suspension arm has been installed upward on the left side and downward on the right for an imbalanced wheel load when the car is stationary, but is equalised during driving, providing improved responsiveness and smoothness which the driver feels when steering, as well as enhanced cornering stability and riding comfort.

NCCB (Nissan Carbon Ceramic Brakes) are available as a factory-installed option for the GT-R Premium Edition and EGOIST grade. These brakes accentuate the car's agile road hold and supple ride feel through a dramatically-reduced spring weight and refined, sharp braking performance unique to carbon ceramics.

At Wessex we understand that buying a vehicle is one of the most important purchases you will make and we aim to suit you with a car that will match your needs and expectations. The Nissan GT-R can deliver all of this and more, but we also recognise the importance of the sales experience as a whole. This extends beyond the purchase itself and throughout our whole company, whichever department or branch you are dealing with. We aim to deliver this level of service for as long as you own your vehicle.

We offer a variety of new and used vehicles and a range of services from MOTS to valuations or information about the Nissan-GTR range. Contact or visit Wessex Garages Nissan-GTR at Mercia Road, Gloucester, UK, GL1 2SQ. Tel: 0844 247 3181 for more information.

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